Last week, National Health Service (NHS) staff from across Scotland came together for an online learning event, organised through Bridge 47’s partnership with the NHS Scotland Global Citizenship unit and Edinburgh-based Development Education Centre, Scotdec.

What does global citizenship mean to those working at NHS Scotland?

What does global citizenship mean to you, a word cloud

Our online event ‘Imagining Better Futures: Global Citizenship within NHS Scotland’ brought together staff from across the NHS Scotland Global Citizenship network for a timely opportunity to explore creative ways to approach global issues. The purpose of the event was to build participants’ confidence in identifying the interconnections between local actions and global impacts, and to deepen their understanding of how the interdependencies of the world we live in affect all of our lives.

The session was led by Scotdec, with some insightful introductory words from Dr Emily Broadis, Chair of NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Champions Network. The interactive and participatory session aimed to provide the space for NHS staff to reflect on how their own perspectives are shaped, and the different ways in which global issues relate to their own working day.

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With us all living in a world shaped by Covid-19 and the climate emergency, the session prompted NHS staff to think creatively about probable and possible futures, and their own spheres of influence. Reflecting on their personal and professional values, and how these connect to global citizenship, the group discussed how we can turn to alternative narratives in order to trigger and activate the values needed to motivate social change.

In thinking about change, participants were asked what they wanted to change individually and how they could go about achieving this within their own local contexts. This stimulated discussion surrounding the challenges that often stand in the way of our ability to effect change, and how to overcome feelings of paralysis of action.

A key message participants took away from the session was that of the need to break out of silos and collaborate with each other in partnership. Shared learning, such as through this online session, can be a way to open up opportunities to do this.


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