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We want to see a world that is more just, peaceful, tolerant, inclusive, secure and sustainable. That ambition is inspired by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We believe people can be empowered by engagement with these questions in practical ways.

Bridge 47 as a partner

Global Citizenship Education is about working together, discussing global issues and allowing contradictory perspectives. We are developing innovative partnerships between civil society and others that can help us bring Global Citizenship Education to new audiences and demonstrate that the Sustainable Development Goals cannot be achieved without it.

We invite civil society and Global Citzenship Education practitioners to become part of Bridge 47 partnerships. We act as a bridge between them and external audiences who may have little or no experience with GCE.

We invite 

  • private sector, institutions, organisations, media, police, military  
  • national and European members of parliament as well as government institutions, national and international networks and agencies
  • universities and academics 

to join Bridge 47 in partnership.

Why should external audiences partner with us?

  • We provide exceptional opportunities through our network to bring people and organizations together and show leadership.
  • Our local, national and international reach offer  exposure that can raise profiles and enhance positive perceptions of your work
  • Bridge 47 can be a useful bridge, a catalyst for effective action, linking partners with organisations that share their aspirations on global citizenship.

Each partnership is unique, so the benefits will be different for each of them. Some partnerships involve training and employee engagement, some involve working together and sharing resources to advance goals, and some require connections to expert organisations. Some partnerships deal mostly with advocacy of Global Citizenship Education and the Sustainable Development Goals, while others are about encouraging learning institutions to do more research on Global Citizenship Education and engage more with it.