20 October 2020

Bridge 47 joins forces with Sinergias ED and Fundación Etea for a special publication on GCE

The new number of Revista Sinergias - Diálogos Educativos para a Transformação Social  is available for download at:



Revista Sinergias is a scientific journal, with a peer-review process, developed under the project Sinergias ED, a joint initiative of Centro de Estudos Africanos da Universidade do Porto (CEAUP) and Fundação Gonçalo da Silveira (FGS). More at:

This is the result of the cooperation with Revista de Fomento Social of Spain, as part of the Bridge 47 – Building Global Citizenship Iberian Knowledge Exchange Partnership activities, coordinated by Fundación Etea of Spain and facilitated by EADI.

The joint number is dedicated to the theme “Education for Development and Global Citizenship in the Agenda 2030: learnings and challenges for collaboration among actors” and it focuses on processes that could give answers to the present state of global crisis. This not only refers to the COVID-19 pandemic, but also to the structural factors that underpin inequalities between those who are privileged and those who are not, between those considered “developed” and those “developing”, and, most importantly, between those who live and those who merely survive.

The number includes articles from Momodou Sallah, João Chantre and Sara Poças, María Martínez Lirola and Gabriela Barbosa. It also includes sections on praxis, debates, interviews, and key documents.  EADI Knowledge Exchange Partnerships Officer presents the strategy for knowledge partnerships carried on during the timeline of the Bridge 47 project. The officer also shares a conversation with Antonio Sianes from Fundación Etea of Spain and led by La Salete Coelho of CEAUP on the specific activities carried on in the Iberian Knowledge Exchange Partnership under his coordination. In addition, in the key documents section, you will find the report Rene Susa produced for Bridge 47, GCE for Unknown Futures.Last but not least, the Bridge 47 Target 4.7 Roadmap is shared.

These contributions open the floor for analysing critically the role of education for development and global citizenship in the present COVID-19 situation, and the role of the different actors involved to bring about answers to the present global challenges.

The journal is available for free.

The team of the project Sinergias ED is formed by Joana Costa, Jorge Cardoso, La Salete Coelho and Sara Borges.

EADI is the general coordinator of the three European regional Knowledge Exchange Partnerships of Bridge 47 since 2018. The partnerships are active in the Northern Europe, South Eastern Europe and Iberian regions.

More at:


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