29 September 2020

The European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI), Bridge 47's implementing partner, is recruiting a Regional Knowledge Exchange Consultant (Northern European Partnership). 



The purpose of this post is three-fold. Firstly, it is to establish a regional GCE Knowledge Exchange Partnership mainly in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia - called Northern Europe partnership - by building a network of practitioners and scholars. Secondly, it is central in organising three regional events to exchange practical and academic knowledge on GCE. Thirdly, it makes sure that ideas developed, and knowledge gathered within the regional network is fed into the process of creating a massive open online course (MOOC).



  • Identify regional civil society organisations and scholars that should be integrated into the Knowledge Exchange Partnership on GCE.
  • Uphold the regional network by communicating on a regular basis about events and project related news.
  • Organise three regional events. 1) Network building; 2) Reflecting on GCE and designing for the MOOC; 3) Training for teaching GCE and the MOOC
  • Identify regional resources and persons that should be featured in a massive open online course. Feed this information and further findings to the massive open online course coordinator and the Knowledge Exchange Partnerships coordinator.


Main Deliverables

  • Organising three regional Knowledge Exchange events.
  • Acting as a regional contact person for Knowledge Exchange Partnerships.
  • Support the content development of a massive open online course.



This work will be supported by the Knowledge Exchange Officer, who is responsible for the general coordination of Knowledge Exchange Partnerships within all three regions – namely Iberia; South-Eastern Europe and Northern Europe countries.



It is anticipated that this combined work would comprise about 20 days: 4 days for each of the three regional events, 4 days for taking care of the regional partnership and 4 days of supporting the development of a massive open online course.


Personal Specification

  • Excellent knowledge of the Northern Europe – mainly United Kingdom and Scandinavia - civil society and research landscape
  • An understanding and knowledge of Global Citizenship Education in the specific regional context
  • Excellent written and oral communication in English
  • Ability to write messages for a variety of audiences



The tenderer should include their proposed daily rate, which should include all costs. The successful proposal should include a working budget between €8,000-€10,000 (including VAT).


Tender Methodology:

Please submit your CV and your tender under the following headings:  

  • Contact Information  
  • Relevant Experience  
  • Work plan including time frame  
  • Budget - including daily rate of consultant.   
  • Two references (including telephone numbers) and web links to your previous work (if available)  

Maximum tender document 2 pages


Tender timeline:

Advertisement published 3rd June 2019

Deadline for submitting tenders is Friday 16th August 2019

Selections take place week commencing Monday 19th August 2019

Consultant appointed and starts working 26th August 2019

Consultant ends working latest: 30th June 2020


Any questions should be directed to Talia Vela-Eiden - Knowledge Exchange Officer,

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