With the intensive courses of the Transformative Learning Journey, Bridge 47 created experimental learning spaces for communities of practitioners, researchers and activists of transformative education from around the world.

The courses endeavored to challenge common concepts of Global Citizenship Education, to explore questions like those below and to experiment with different, holistic and potentially more transformative, practices of learning and co-creating.

  • What are the (cultural) root causes of the global multi-crisis?
  • How to decolonize and transform a modern system that is broken beyond fixing?
  • What do we have to learn, unlearn or let go of- individually and collectively - in order to allow, embrace and foster real change?
  • What characterizes transformative learning, and how can education create holistic spaces to trigger, support and accompany such learning processes?
  • How transformative is our own organizational and educational practice?
  • Do we have to re-imagine education and activism and become more radical?
  • Are we asking the right questions?

Based on the positive resonance, Bridge 47 wants to share some of the learnings through this publication. The book gives insights into the design, content and methodology of the course. Featuring diverse contributions from participants, it is a mosaic of perspectives and experiences of transformation, decolonization and learning. It also comprises some tools and invitations for reflection. It is not a cohesive prescription of how to facilitate transformative learning – as there is none - but an invitation to relate to and play.

"This book is dedicated to all the curious people out there who are passionate about education in caring for our world and each other - the dreamers, the healers, the lovers, the teachers for a different future to emerge. It goes to the fighters who are desperate and overwhelmed in face of complex challenges and are worn out by their struggle for justice and change – to find inspiration, energy and courage to treat ourselves gently, to let go and to make space for new things to emerge.“

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