Education is key to changing the world, but a sustainable and just world can only be achieved through a vision of life-long and life-wide education that inspires hearts and minds! If we want to see positive changes in our societies, then we need to find new and unique opportunities to share and learn from each other. The Bridge 47 network helps to make that happen.

Why join the Bridge 47 network?

  1. Stay up to date with international happenings in the world of transformative education and SDG Target 4.7.
  2. Grow your network and enrich your own work on transformative education and SDG Target 4.7 by finding others to collaborate with or learn from. We can mediate network connections for you personally and also use social media to connect people.
  3. Promote you own happenings and share your voice. Contribute to our blog and share your own happenings in our social media channels and newsletter.
  4. Get involved in learning and sharing opportunities such as our webinars, events and more.

Who is it?

The Bridge 47 Network brings inspiring and inspired people together from all over the world and opens opportunities for them to exchange ideas, experiences and best practices. It is made up of representatives from civil society organizations and NGOs, researchers, policy makers, activists, business people and educators. Through the network, people from these different areas can find common ground and exchange knowledge.

Who can become a member?

Individuals active in the field of lifelong learning, transformative education and/or SDG Target 4.7.

Target 4.7

Transformative education is key to everything that we do. For example, we focus on advocacy for target 4.7 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals which aims to “by 2030, ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including, among others, through education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity and of culture’s contribution to sustainable development.”

The Vision

We strive to form a vibrant coalition across continents. The aim is to create a space for members to collaborate on transforming our societies through education and to help them spot inspiring, out of the box opportunities for cooperation.

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