15 August 2020

Are you interested in Global Citizenship Education or other forms of value-based learning? In that case we would kindly request that you fill out our new Bridge 47 Network survey, if you haven't done so already. 

This survey is important for all of us! Our goal is that the Bridge 47 Network becomes a long-term hub of thriving knowledge exchange. We aim to understand your expectations for the network and to identify your expertise. What do you hope that the Network offers you, and what would you like to offer it?

A successful Network will help you find inspiring and out-of-the box opportunities for transformative learning and Global Citizenship Education both now and in the future. The better that we understand everyone's wishes and needs, the better we can find ways to bring the Network together in productive and meaningful ways.

By filling in the survey, you'll help us create something that is useful and beneficial to all. You'll also also have the chance to be contacted for future relevant opportunities.

The survey doesn't take more than 10 minutes and will be open until June 30. Please fill it out at the link below.

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