24 September 2020

The Estonian Coalition for Sustainable Development has launched a new campaign which aims to create greater awareness of the role we can all play to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The campaign attempts to break down the SDGs and make them more accessible to individuals, answering the question - What can I do?

In 2018, AKÜ launched the Coalition for Sustainable Development in Estonia with a very diverse membership made up of NGOs, government institutions and businesses of all shapes and sizes. While the cooperation takes different forms, this first campaign is being led by Mondo, an NGO whose work revolves around development cooperation, global education and humanitarian aid. The coalition members have targeted their own organisations for the campaign.

“While all organisations have committed people working every day to make their companies and organisations more sustainable, many others still fail to understand the role they can play and why the SDGs are important at all. Everyone has a role to play in achieving sustainable development and through this campaign, we hope to inspire people to make the small yet necessary changes for a better world,” says Kristen Aigro, Bridge 47 Estonian National Officer & Coordinator of the Coalition for Sustainable Development.

Not loving your maths teacher? 57 million children in the world cannot access even basic education: An example of one of the posters that was produced for the campaign


Posters to grab attention have been put up in shared spaces such as office kitchens or school corridors with messages such as: is a €2 coffee cheap for you? 783 million people in the world live on less than €1.60 a day or Not loving your maths teacher? 57 million children in the world cannot access even basic education. The poster then invites people to read more on the campaign website, which explains the challenges further and suggested ways to tackle them.

Interest in the campaign has been widespread, AKÜ introduced it through national media and partners outside the coalition have expressed interest to join and educate their own staff further.

The SDGs still remain relatively unknown in Estonia, and so the Coalition are excited to see how this campaign rolls out and hope to lead many more into taking their own actions no matter how small to work towards achieving a more sustainable Estonia and world.

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