Storytelling is a concept familiar to most of us. We do it all the time, every day. We tell stories to communicate our ideas, to entertain, to share memories, to visualise everyday experiences. But how can we as global citizens actively influence our future through storytelling? This question will be addressed on Sunday, May 24, when World Village Radio broadcasts at 4 pm (UTC+3). 

Professor Bolanle Simeon-Fayomi, who is a storytelling expert, will be interviewed by journalist Anna Cadia about storytelling. We will hear about how stories can get people to think about their role in the global world. Furthermore Bolanle Simeon-Fayomi, will lead the audience through the story of Mọ́remí Àjàsorò; a well-known tale among the Yoruba of South West Nigeria.  

The World Village Festival in Helsinki is an annual culture and discussion event with concerts, exhibitions, documentaries, food and talks on current issues. This year the festival has been cancelled due to the corona pandemic, but the World Village Radio will broadcast talks and a diverse playlist of music during the festival weekend, 23–24 May 2020.  

Tune in on Sunday through the website of the project Mieletöntä Valoa (Epic Light) and learn more about the power of storytelling. You will also find the link on the website of the World Village Festival before the event. If you happen to be in Finland in the Metropolitan Area, you can also listen to the program on the Helsinki local radio, frequency 100,3 MHz. 

The story and the interview are in English with Finnish subtitles. 

The programme is produced in collaboration with Bridge 47 and Fingo.