24 September 2020

Slovak Platform for Development Organisations - Ambrela has started the development process on a video game focusing on the themes of Global Citizenship Education.

The game development is progressing in cooperation with a technology accelerator OpenLab. While the process is supervised by the professional game developer, PowerPlay Studio, the game itself is being developed by very passionate high-school students in the frame of the OpenLab program. The core of the program is to teach students higher-level IT skills focused on software and game development, therefore work on the Bridge 47 game is also an opportunity for them to gain new skills.

During a meeting, the students working on the game have expressed their enthusiasm about the project and presented their narrative concepts, and a very early prototype. The students closely follow global events and are interested in raising awareness of climate change, thus they have decided to focus the theme of the game on environmentalism and sustainability. They were excited about the idea that their game could potentially serve as an educational tool for learning about these concepts.

Currently, most of the work is focusing on programming and game design, and there are very few presentable visual outputs. We hope to be able to present more visuals as the students progress further in the development process. Follow our social media to keep informed about the game!

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