The ‘Envision 4.7 Policy Papers’ outline how the European Commission’s six policy priorities for 2019-2024 - the Green Deal, Future of Europe, Digital Education Plan, A Strong Social Europe for Just Transition, European Education Area and New European Consensus on Development - all stand to benefit from the inclusion and implementation of SDG Target 4.7, which focuses on transformative education. This is life-long and value-based learning, designed to promote global citizenship, sustainable development, human rights and gender equality.

These policy papers build on the momentum of Bridge 47’s Envision 4.7 event in Helsinki in 2019, which brought together 200 education practitioners, academics, government representatives, civil servants and civil society organisations from around the world to create the Envision 4.7 Roadmap, a collaborative policy roadmap for the implementation of SDG Target 4.7 in Europe.

The Envision 4.7 Policy Papers build on the six policy recommendations listed in the Envision 4.7 Roadmap:

  • Transformative Education
  • Cross-sectorial Cooperation
  • Indicators for SDG Target 4.7
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Competencies for SDG Target 4.7
  • Resources for SDG Target 4.7