24 September 2020

From October 6 until 11, the first workshop of the second cycle of the Transformative Learning Journey with theme ‘Tackling the Root Causes of Global Crises through Education’ was held. 22 staff members of civil society organisations engaged in the field of Global Citizenship Education (GCE) as well as change-makers and activists who work with education from Europe, Asia, South America and Africa came together to reflect upon their own educational practices and underpinning theories of change and to expand them by learning from each other. By learning from a group of peers and through reflected action, participants can move towards a more meaningful and transformative practice – on a personal, organisational and societal level.

On the first out of three workshops we dealt with the root causes of the multi-crises and theories of change and got to know each other. We identified individual learning objectives and set a common compass for embarking on the journey together. We got to know each other through storytelling, interweaving of our diverse perspectives and realities. Furthermore we deepened the understanding of the root causes of the modern crises - from symptoms to systems to paradigms and ontologies, and explored paths beyond dominant knowledge systems and narratives of change theories of (Systemic) Change. After the first workshop participants were now asked to explore their own life, work, organisation and social context, guided by reflective questions, based on the analytical framework of our Workshop 1. We are curious and eager to learn from participants’ insights and perspectives when we get back together for the second workshop.

After having completed this journey in summer 2020, we envision that the participants and their organisations have an increased ability to use transformative approaches to GCE and become leaders of systemic change in their organisations, networks and social contexts.

If you are interested in learning more about the Transformative Learning Journey you can contact:

Marie Wilpers, National Officer for Germany based at VENRO:


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